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3 Yard Residential Dumpster


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6 Yard Residential Dumpster


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10 Yard


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25 Yard & 40 Yard Commercial Dumpster

(18x8x4) & (20x8x6)

Trash Hauling, Removal, and Waste Management Services in Los Angeles

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Don’t make clean up and trash removal a huge hassle. Let professionals from Frank’s Clean Up Service handle the work for you. We offer fast, thorough and expert trash hauling, waste removal/disposal, and waste management services for all residents and businesses in Los Angeles.

Waste Removal, Management, and Trash Hauling for Construction Projects in Los Angeles

Indeed, one of the hardest parts of remodeling and construction project is clean up and garbage removal. You have to wonder where you will put all your construction trash and waste materials and how you can quickly do your garbage removal. No worries. Regardless of the size of your construction project, employees at Frank's Clean Up will help you in waste management/disposal, trash hauling/removal, and proper waste disposal that meet all regulations in Los Angeles, CA.

We are committed and dedicated to making sure that you are not alone in dealing with various trash and waste products after your building or construction project in Los Angeles. Whether you need clean up service, trash hauling, regular waste management/waste disposal, or dumpster rental, we have you covered in Los Angeles.

Please CALL TODAY if you would like to have a prompt and reliable clean up/garbage removal for your trash and other waste materials in Los Angeles. Our waste management and disposal services can be scheduled based on your convenient time. Our trash hauling/garbage removal services are done by a strong fleet of garbage trucks that can quickly clean your area in no time! We can also do automated and manual garbage collection/removal in Los Angeles. Now that’s what you call professional waste management!

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As you can see from our photo gallery, our cleaners and trash hauling staff are all professionally trained, properly dressed in their work clothing, and always ready to give the most reliable and quality trash hauling and waste disposal/removal services to homeowners and businesses in Los Angeles.

Moreover, our waste disposal/dumpster rental practices separate us from the other rental companies in Los Angeles County because we have the most dependable dumpster rental staff and offer the best prices. We are very flexible with our waste disposal/management contracts and would do our best to accommodate all our clients in Los Angeles whether they are private contract subscribers or a company/municipal contract.

You can also see from the photos that we are very clean and organized in conducting our waste disposal/management, and trash hauling services in Los Angeles. Our company puts a great importance on careful work, through clean up, and proper methods for all our waste management and trash hauling projects in Los Angeles. We do not do any short cuts. We clean what needs to be cleaned, we complete our trash hauling services, do a thorough job at waste disposal, and we do a reliable waste management/disposal service to all our clients in Los Angeles.

If you are interested in what we do, we encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our company and services we offer. Contact us today and discover how we can help you with all your waste management and clean needs in Los Angeles County.

We are one of the most reliable and trusted companies in Los Angeles when it comes to waste management and clean up services. Our contracts cover a wide-range of services and we’d be glad to give you a FREE quote on our trash hauling, disposal, and clean up packages.

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